We Iranians are pleased about the victory of the democratic revolutions in the Eastem Europe. Our hearts beat with all freedom and democracy-loving people against dictatorship around the world. In this historical situation, we want to call the attention of the government and the political parties of your country to the sufferings of our oppressed nation. In Iran there is still dictatorial control after Khomeini's death. Human fights and human dignity are brutally offended and people with other political opinions are terrorized, bestially tortured, killed and executed by the hundreds. That is why we ask you to protest against the terror and massacres in Iran. Please declare your solidarity with Iranian people. We also want to live in freedom and peace. We need your active and moral support on the way to our freedom and democracy. Our nation must not be forgotten. Help us and remember our people. We thank you for your actions,
Postfach 2120, 5948 Schmallenberg 2, W. GERMANY

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