Fr. 11. Nov. 1995
Nimrouz: the Persian opposition Weekly based in London

News: Mrs Mahin Arjomand was goal of an assassination in Turkey

Mrs Arjomand, the member of the solidarity movement for liberty and democracy, a human right club in Europe for supporting the Iranian refugees, was at the time of assassination in Turkey for helping the Iranian refugees, who were threatened to be deported back to Iran. The refugees took part in a sit-in as a protest to their deportation.

She flew from United States to Turkey for the third time to bring the financial support to the Iranians.

Wednesday 8 Nov. as she was crossing a street in Ankara, a bunch of men tried to run her over with their car. As she was in hospital the Turkish police instead of searching for the attenuators, tried to arrest those Iranians who were to visit her.

This incidence led to very critical wounds and inner injuries to her. However she was lucky enough to come alive out of situation, although she had to be hospitalised for days and eventually flown back to Germany, where she lives.

Through Mahin Arjomand's attempts the Iranian refugees made it at last their way to other European countries.

Sobhe Emrouz

Mrs Arjomand was goal of an assassination in Ankara, made by few security men sent by Islamic regime. These men wanted to kill her by running her over. Luckily the men were not successful at their evil plan and she was lucky enough to escape the situation and coming alive.


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